Leave management for
people-focused teams

Flamingo makes managing your team’s paid time off a breeze.
No more cluttered spreadsheets and manual data entry.

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Give your elite
team a break

Leave requests made easy

Flamingo is built from the ground up for Slack, reducing friction when requesting paid time off.

No spreadsheets, no data entry

Manage leave requests using Slack or a beautiful web interface, saving you time and helping you plan better.

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Built for happy,
modern teams

Boost employee morale

Employees not taking leave are at risk of burnout. Flamingo highlights staff who don’t go on vacation so managers stay in the loop.

Remote first

Built by a remote team, Flamingo makes managing leaves and public holidays across multiple countries a breeze.

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Keep everyone
in the loop

Leave announcements

Flamingo shares leaves in a Slack channel, so everyone can plan accordingly. When users request or approve leaves, Flamingo highlights possible scheduling conflicts.

Connect to your favorite calendar

Set up a calendar using Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar and share it with your team.

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Free trial. No credit card required.