Absence tracking software for
Slack teams

Flamingo’s absence tracker makes tracking PTO simple.
No spreadsheets or data entry. Do it all in Slack.

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No more busywork

Data entry, scouring email threads and pointless back-and-forths are a killer of productivity.

Flamingo makes your absence tracking system clean and efficient, leaving team members free to focus on tasks that move the needle.


An absence tracker for today’s businesses

Flamingo integrates seamlessly with tools you already use, like Slack and Google Calendar. We fit your workflow, you don’t need to change yours.

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Don’t let absences get in the way

Scheduling is easy with Flamingo. See at a glance who’s away, and who has leave scheduled, to make sure you’re always covered.

Exportable calendar feeds and Slack channel notifications help your whole team stay on the same page.


Fast and easy setup

Getting your business set up on Flamingo takes just a few minutes. The fast, three-step setup process and intuitive Slack bot means as little work as possible on your part.

Get up and running in the time it takes to brew your morning coffee.

Key features of Flamingo’s
absence tracker software

Here’s why Flamingo is the absence tracker your team needs right now.

Frictionless leave request process

One-click approvals

Easy setup

Customizable teams and leave policies

Exportable team and individual calendar feeds

Multiple leave types

Import public holidays with one click

Company or team-specific absence calendar

Employee absence reports

Absence tracking and leave management shouldn’t take more than a few minutes per day to handle. And with Flamingo, it doesn’t.

Track your team’s absence calendar with Flamingo’s beautiful, user-friendly dashboard, and handle leave requests in one click, straight from Slack. Flamingo is set up for maximum efficiency and minimum use of your valuable time and attention.

Absence tracking software to make your life easier

Track absences the
easy way with Flamingo

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