Leave tracker for remote teams

Flamingo’s leave tracking software streamlines your leave management workflow.
Leave cluttered spreadsheets and manual data entry in the past.

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Leave tracking made easy

Most leave tracking systems are time-consuming and prone to human errror.

Flamingo automates 90% of the work involved with leave management, giving you a simplified system that works.

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No more burnout

Get rid of burnout in your company by making it easy for employees to take leave.

The stress-free process allows your team to stay fresh and perform at their best.


A leave tracker for modern teams

Flamingo is 100% asynchronous, fitting the workflow of modern organizations.

This approach allows you to cut the busywork with leave management so key team members can focus their energy on tasks that move the needle.

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Do it all in Slack

Requesting and approving leave is done with just a few clicks, directly in Slack.

Flamingo fits in seamlessly with your company’s communication channels, so you spend less time off track.

Key features

Here’s what you get with Flamingo’s leave management software.

Intuitive leave request form within Slack

One-click leave approval

Simple 3-step setup process

Multiple leave types

Customizable teams and leave policies

Employee wellness reports

Easy-to-view admin leave calendar

Export leaves to external calendar apps (Google Calendar, iCal)

Import public holidays from any country

Flamingo makes leave tracking simple, letting you keep your mind on building and growing your company.

It’s quicker and easier than spreadsheets and email threads, more precise, and easier for employees. Helping your team stay fresh and energized, and making it easy to manager HR and scheduling.

The leave tracking system for agile companies

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