Vacation tracker software for
Slack teams

Flamingo’s Slack-based vacation tracker bot streamlines your HR workflow and saves you hours of work each day.

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Taking vacation time should be easy

Vacation days are essential for employees to rest, recover and come back to work at their best.

Remove the friction for employees to take vacation time and you’ll build a happier and healthier team.


No data entry,
no spreadsheets, no fuss

Most vacation tracking systems are needlessly complicated and prone to human error.

Flamingo makes it easy, with an automated system that does 90% of the work for you.

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Seamless integration with your existing tools

Flamingo integrates with tools your company already uses, like Slack and Google Calendar, for minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.


Get set up in a few minutes

Set up your organization, customize your leave policy and add team members while you wait for your morning coffee to brew.

It couldn’t be easier to start using Flamingo for your company’s vacation tracking needs.

Key features of Flamingo’s
vacation tracker for Slack

Flamingo comes ready to make your life easier, right out of the box.

Request and approve leave in just a few seconds

Exportable calendar feeds for Google Calendar

Import public holidays from wherever in the world your team is located

Multiple leave types

Easy-to-view monthly and yearly vacation calendar

Employee wellness reports

Custom leave polices and teams

Customizable team-wide announcements

Zero friction, three-step setup process

Tracking vacation time the right way means a simple, streamlined, process, both for employees and those in charge.

Flamingo makes the entire process a breeze. From leave requests, to review and approval, to managing your vacation calendar.

Ditch your antequated spreadsheets and email threads and start using Flamingo, today.

The vacation tracking app for modern teams

The most user-friendly
vacation tracker for Slack

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